A big thanks to the following people, organisations, and websites,
without which Art of War wouldn't be what it is today!

Adam Schmidt

Adam Schmidt is a science-fiction and fantasy illustrator. His freelance services range from character concepts, environments, landscapes, action scenes, storyboarding and cartography for a variety of clients. His contributions to the site include title art, background art, popup imagery, as well as various icons.

I highly recommend Adam, as he has excellent design skills, works quickly and to schedule, and is very reasonably priced.

You can contact Adam via his website misteradam.com.

Games Like Zone (gameslikezone.com) is an excellent online resource for finding PC and video games like the ones you love. They have multiple lists of games for you to search, with personalised bios on each and every game, so you know the reviewer has spent the time playing the game and giving it a honest review. Also, even though games are their main focus, they also have great reviews of both movies and TV shows. You can easily lose a couple of hours reading reviews on this site, getting together a wish list of games and shows.

Check out their blog on Top 10 Online Board Games Like Risk in which Art of War features. All their reviews of Risk-like games are honest and to the point. You may even find some other games on there that you like, to broaden your online board game experience!

Fun Mines (funmines.com) is the companion website to the book Tabletop Game Design for Video Game Designers, in which Art of War is featured as one of the best online Risk variants. Fun Mines expands upon the book by providing "print & play" tabletop games, links to online games, game design resources, and articles about designing and developing games. The book and website's author is Ethan Ham. He has eleven years' experience in the computer game & media industry as a game designer, programmer, and producer. Ethan has helped develop games that have garnered numerous awards including E3 Game Critics' "Best Simulation Game", the Academy of Interactive Arts & Science's "Best Massively Multiplayer Game", and Game Industry News's "Online Game of the Year". In addition to his ongoing work developing and writing about games, Ethan is an Associate Professor of New Media at the City College of New York.

Thomas Fayen of Stratarealm has been an artist for over 15 years in the art field. His work is directed toward mapping and environmental design in the 2d and 3d game industries. His early professional experience in illustration and graphic design has led him to texturing and environmental design in the 3d game and 2d mobile markets. His contribution to Art of War is in the area of maps, with several great maps already designed for the site.

I highly recommend Tom, as his attention to detail and overall artistic ability are excellent and he is at the top of his profession.

You can contact Tom via his website stratarealm.com.

Murach Books (murach.com) are a leading publisher of programming training and reference books. Their range includes texts on Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Development, Database Development, and various popular programming languages such as Java, C# and Visual Basic. Their books are excellent material for beginners and experts alike, are easy to follow, and are treasure troves of both fundamental and complex programming information.

I highly recommend their books Murach's HTML5 and CSS3 (3rd Edition), Murach's SQL Server 2012 for Developers, Murach's Javscript (2nd Edition), and Murach's jQuery (2nd Edition), all of which are invaluable reference and learning material for web developers.

The Cartographers' Guild (cartographersguild.com) is a forum created by and for map makers and aficionados, a place where every aspect of cartography can be admired, examined, learned, and discussed. Their membership consists of professional designers and artists, hobbyists, and amateurs. Art of War has regularly sourced it's graphic artists from here, especially for the maps used on the site. I highly recommend Cartographers' Guild as an excellent resource for maps and other graphical artwork.

Dream.In.Code (dreamincode.net) is a leading online community for programmers and web developers. There are currently over 600,000 registered members. Over 400 new members register each day. Members have free access to thousands of programming tutorials, code snippets, forum topics, and more! Over the past 8 years, Dream.In.Code has gained a reputation for providing expert help for students and professionals in a friendly and timely manner. Their members are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others.