POLL: When do you want the next release?

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When do you want the next release?

Now! I want to see the new stuff!
I can wait a few months
Don't mind either way
Total votes: 19

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POLL: When do you want the next release?

Postby e_i_pi » Sat Feb 07, 2015 5:23 pm

Hi all,

The new major release is coming along well, and I've promised a lot in it, but I realise it might take a while to get everything in. Right now, I have the new site layout in, various aesthetic improvements, and several bug fixes. From how it looks, I see this as a good time to release the new code, even though I haven't got the new game page bling in. The reason I'd like to do this is that it will instantly improve the user experience, give me a good baseline to work from, allow me to fix bugs on a smaller changeset, and also allow me to put minor improvements in incrementally (right now the code is locked down).

I'd like to get your feedback on whether you would like to wait for everything to go in, or play around with the new stuff now and wait for the big improvements. Here's the pros and cons:

Release now!
  • Let's me fix bugs on what I've already done, which is a big changeset
  • Let's me put improvements in incrementally, which means lots of little improvements regularly
  • Menus appear on every screen, including the forums
  • Screen layout is much nicer
  • Game screen will show you how much gold and movement points you have, so you won't need to go to Game Information to get that info - it's right there to see on the main screen
  • Massive improvement to game load times and game actions, should be about 50% quicker on all actions
  • Lots of graphical improvements
  • Several bug fixes to small but long standing issues
  • No new information buttons on the game screen, which is what I really want to get in
  • Potential for bugs which will disrupt playing experience for a week or so (shouldn't happen, but sometimes bugs slip through)

Release later!
  • All the PROS given above
  • Information buttons all in place on the game screen, improving the user experience greatly
  • More bug fixes
  • All accepted suggestions will be implemented
  • Will take several more months before you see any of it
  • In the meantime, no bug fixes apart from major bugs
  • Also in the meantime, no incremental improvements unless they are extremely small
  • Potential for bugs is increased, which could disrupt playing experience for up to a month


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Re: POLL: When do you want the next release?

Postby redsharkk » Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:23 am

Well the website is already great fun anyway. So I'd be cool with waiting just so everything works right when you input it into the website.

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Re: POLL: When do you want the next release?

Postby e_i_pi » Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:26 am

The votes look like they pretty strongly prefer an interim release, so I'll be testing throughout the week and then releasing on the weekend most likely. I've been playing out turns through the development site, and have ironed out all the petty bugs and haven't found any major bugs, so it's looking good for a Thursday or Friday release date. I'll try to time it so that it is released when no-one is on the site, to minimise the impact to players during transition.

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Re: POLL: When do you want the next release?

Postby clara&bear » Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:46 pm

It's not always good to renew concepts. Just think of all the updates made on the mobile. Just when you learn the latest refinements, something has changed and you can not switch between the most common apps. Sometimes it can be the same with the games. Instead of taking the share of all the features that already exist, so chasing something new. Some of the fascination with the http://fbr.nu game is recognition. I think it's a good idea to take it calm with the changes and instead do it in a sensible and moderate way.

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