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20141120 changelog

Postby e_i_pi » Thu Nov 20, 2014 8:34 pm

Bug Fixes
    Added a missing !important directive to the DisplayNone CSS class.
    Forced all background images to default to 1x1 dimensions in pre-render, to prevent mobile devices from pre-rendering to excessive screen resolutions.
    Fixed a XSS exploit.
    Fixed a caching issue in the htaccess, meaning that caching of JS and CSS files now works properly.

Code Rewrite
    Split the various jQuery and Javascript plugins to their own files for easier swap-n-go maintenance.
    Hooked the existing Titles class into the new MasterPage class for non-render blocking content.
    Refactored some code in the GameEvent class.
    Extricated the bootstrap library from the site - no more bootstrap woohoo!
    Replaced the home page carousel with a pure jQuery solution.
    Fixed some E_STRICT directives in the error logging config, as they are now built into the E_ALL directive.

    Added in all the graphical assets for the new site redesign.
    Added multiple CSS styles to support the new site redesign.
    Added in the MasterPage code to allow the site to render in the new redesign.

Required Features
    Added imagery to support the new jQueryUI styling.

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