FAQ and Terminology - Troop Projects

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FAQ and Terminology - Troop Projects

Postby e_i_pi » Mon Jan 14, 2013 10:09 am

FAQ and Terminology

What are Troop Projects?

Troop Projects are a project type on Art of War that allows users to create troops that get used in various downstream resources throughout the site. Troops are utilised in Empire Projects as well as Era Projects, and eventually become part of the game engine proper.

Who can create Troop Projects?

Only users who have Strategist rights can create Troop Projects.

I created a Troop Project, but it is not available in my Era/Empire Project. Why?

A Troop Project will need to be submitted, approved, officialised and then deployed in order to becomes an available resource in downstream Project types.

What are Sub-types?

A sub-type is a Troop that is a different category as it's parent, but similar enough that it can be classed as being in the same general space as it's parent. For example, if we have a Troop type of "Artillery", then we may well create sub-types of that Troop type called "Howitzer", "Heavy Mortar" and "Cannon".

What are Variants?

A variant is a Troop that is specific to a certain Empire, culture, or climate. For example, is we have a Troop type of "Infantry", then we may well create variants of that Troop type called "German Soldiers", "English Home Guard" and "US Marines".

Can you create Sub-types of Sub-types?

Currently, you cannot. Until there is a compelling argument to do so, it will remain that way,

Can you create Variants of Variants, or Sub-types of Variants?

No you cannot, as Variants as what are called "terminal nodes" in the Troop tree. Once you create a Variant, that Troop can no longer be used in Troop types as a parent type.

Can you create Variants of Sub-types?

YES you can. For example, if we have a Troop type of "Cavalry", we may make a Sub-type of that called "Light Cavalry", and then Variants of that Sub-type called "Desert Camel-riders", "Desert Light Horsemen" and "Scythian Horse Archers".

What are the Troop strength numbers for?

The strength numbers on Troops are utilised in the Era Combat Model "Simple Firepower", where dice rolls for that Troop need to be less than or equal to their strength, depending on whether they are attacking or defending. The strength numbers are not used in any other Combat Model.

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