20121231 changelog

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20121231 changelog

Postby e_i_pi » Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:43 am

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a potential recursive binding issue with Zones in Map Projects.

  • Fixed a bug in the Icon Model, which caused Icon projects to fail.

  • Fixed a couple of technical syntax issues in the common bootup files.

  • Fixing broken filepath references, which were most prevalent in the forums.

  • Removing some debugging error logging that was left in at some stage.

Code Rewrite

  • Centralised script library inclusion to avoid mismatch issues between AoW and phpBB.


  • Updated all the script libraries to the latest stable versions.

  • Removed some defunct script libraries, improving loading times.

  • Streamlined JS generation for territory placeholders in Map Projects, improving loading times.

  • Updated the forum software so that it utilises the same DB engine as AoW, and also has SEO support.

  • Updated the User Model so that it hooks into the new forum software.

Required Features

  • Added footprints and highlights for Scutum and Ornate Badge Icon Shapes.

  • Added footprints and highlights for Bulgarian Escutcheon placeholders

  • Added footprint and highlights for Escutcheon Greek territory placeholders

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