Moving servers over holiday period

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Moving servers over holiday period

Postby e_i_pi » Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:35 am

Hi all,

We'll be moving servers over the holiday period. The current web hosts were recently bought out by EIG, who have a reputation of destroying web hosting companies that they purchase. We've had a number of issues that have taken a while to resolve lately due to EIG basically sacking Arvixe's help desk staff and replcaing it with their own limited number of staff. They have also performed server migrations to more crowded cloud servers without our permission, which has resulted in an increased response time from the site. The most recent helpdesk ticket to resolve the email issue is something only they can action, it should take about 5 minutes to do, and the ticket has been in for 1 month without progress.

We'll be moving to self managed servers, which means we have complete control over all of the server software, specifications, and configuration - no more waiting on helpdesk tickets to be actioned. I imagine the migration will occur very early in January. We will try to make it as seamless as possible, and we will be performing thorough tests before migration as well. I foresee that there will be some disruption, but we will attempt to keep it at a minimum. During the transition period (48 hours or so) we will be extending all game turns to 72 hours so that everyone has a chance to take their turns. This will be frustrating when people fail to take their turns, but it's a necessary step to ensure everyone has a fair chance.

Due to the fact that email deliverability is severely hampered right now, all communications will be via this forum, the Announcements. Please check any messages posted in this forum in the meantime, as updates will occur here and not via private message or email.


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