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20141214 changelog

Postby e_i_pi » Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:16 pm

Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug in popup widgets where the MinMax button was not styling properly after state change.
    Fixed bugs in the various dialog boxes on th e game page where info popups were erroneously able to be minimised.
    Fixed a positioning bug in the column headers of the matrices admin page.
    Changes Zone anchors so they are styled similarly to usernames, as some zones were rendering "invisibly" due to being the same or similar colour to the background.
    Fixed a big in the game API that caused JSON to render objects as arrays at times.
    Fixed a bug in the logWindow widget that prevented the display area from scrolling after a message is sent.
    Fixed various bugs that prevented new messages from appearing in the log.

Code Rewrite
    Changed the MasterPage namespace to MasterPageOld.
    Created a logWindow widget to replace the log window modules across the site.
    Removed the master element CSS hacks on h* elements that were there to counteract Bootstrap styling issues.
    Updated various game and site events that trigger emails so that they consult user email flags when determining whether to send emails.
    Added event stack handler declaration to the server side code in logs, for better code management.
    Removed defunct references to the user preference IsWindowView across the site.
    Standardised JSON encoding issues across the site so that all arrays are forced to objects.

    Updated the jQueryUI theme to match the new master page better, and also to resolve various styling issues that came out of the last jQueryUI CSS theme changes.
    Added functionality on the user profile page to allow users to select which types of emails they wish to receive.
    Added an admin page to allow testing of jQueryUI elements in an agnostic environment.
    Changed all popup and log buttons to use the jQueryUI button styling.
    Added a new master page for community review.

Required Features
    Added various CSS elements to support the logWindow widget.

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