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20140828 changelog

Postby e_i_pi » Thu Aug 28, 2014 7:54 pm

Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug in the contract to check if a territory is neutral.
    Fixed a bug in the UnlockCreateGames code.
    Fixed a bug in the CaptureTerritory win condition rule.
    Fixed a bug in the CaptureTerritoryAndHold win condition rule.
    Fixed a bug in the database view for game territories.
    Fixed a bug in the model scoring algorithm for games which had the potential to render games unable to be finished.
    Fixed a bug in the create game screen that meant you couldn't select options for optional game asset features, such as capturing game assets, or transferring them to allies.

Code Rewrite
    Bolstered the check to ensure that players cannot join a game as an empire that is no longer available.
    Replaced a heap of magic strings with class references in the triggering of game events.
    Refactored some of the EliminatePlayer code for easier readability.
    Added Exceptions on any game that is created with a TerritoryAllocation rule other than RevertToNeutral, since the other rules aren't well supported as yet.
    Broadened the methods to retrieve game territory information.
    Turned off user recording during exception handling, as it was having issues when exceptions occurred prior to (or during) user object instantiation.

    Removed the 12 player limit on games, as scaling games will handle any over-sized games gracefully.
    Added a new game event for capturing an Empire's Assets.
    Added a new class to allow dynamic empire recruitment retrieval based on the recruitment settings for the Scenario, to support various faction distribution types, and also speed up the recruitment screen a little.
    Improved the Exception handling so that it backtraces through all the exceptions when an error occurs.
    Finalised addition of founding empires to the method for recruitment against the faction distribution type SetFactionsVariableCountAndSize which affects Medieval Europe and the new Aegean Sea scenario, allowing Aegean Sea to now be released.
    Made the join games button much easier to see on the Browse Games page.

    Updated the title of the home page to help search engines.

Required Features
    Added some necessary CSS classes.
    Added supporting database code for capturing an Empire's Assets.
    Added a required method in the Game Faction model.

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