Aegean Sea - Medieval Domination released!

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Aegean Sea - Medieval Domination released!

Postby e_i_pi » Sat Sep 06, 2014 11:33 pm

The Aegean Sea map has finally been released on Art of War. The creation of the scenario was the joint effort of e_i_pi and JrFan88, one of our long term players that has been playing at the site for several years. The first scenario for this map, it uses the Medieval Era combat set, so you can deploy your infantry, cavalry, navy, forts and siege engines, and dominate the world of Ancient Greece! This latest scenario introduces several new features to the site, including:

  • Ten new playable empires - Athens, Caria, Cilicia, Illyria, Macedon, Minoa, Persia, Sparta, Thrace and Troy
  • A massive starting income of 450 silver drachmas per turn, so you can commence your campaign of domination quickly
  • Eliminate your opponents to not only capture their silver drachmas, but also their unused movement points!
  • Bribe neutral territories to join your own empire. Unlike other scenarios, this costs 3 movement points, so choose wisely between using your movement points to conquer or to cede
  • Each faction starts with 3 territories, spread over the map
  • Strong starting positions for all neutral empires, decide whether to leave the neutrals alone as a defensive buffer, or subdue them with combat or bribes
  • The win conditions are tailored to your faction - e.g. play as Athens, you must hold Athens and 3 other cities to win
  • Introduction of the concept of founding empires, whose factions refuse teams with certain other empires. Athens rejects Sparta. Caria abhors Minoa. Cilicia despises Persia. Illyria shuns Macedon. Troy detests Thrace!
  • Fog of War available to play
  • As many as 10 players per game, in teams of up to 5 players each

As usual, if you have any questions about the scenario, post them here in the Aegean Sea Medieval Domination thread, or in General Discussion or Q&A.


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Re: Aegean Sea - Medieval Domination released!

Postby ultrasplot » Sun Sep 07, 2014 11:35 am

Thank you! Looking forward to this!


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