Medieval Europe - Factional Domination released!

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Medieval Europe - Factional Domination released!

Postby e_i_pi » Fri Feb 21, 2014 9:19 pm

The Medieval Europe map is now playable in the scenario Medieval Europe - Factional Domination.

For the first time on the new site, we have a Map combined with the Medieval Era, bringing players the options of 5 different troop types - Infantry, Cavalry, Siege Engines, Forts and Navy. Those familiar with the old site will be happy to know that the combat rules are the same as before. I won't go through all the battle types, that's for you to discover, but there are some important rules you should know about. If you defeat a navy at sea, and that navy was holding infantry, cavalry or siege engines, those troops will sink with the ships. Also, if you defeat all the infantry and cavalry on land, you get to keep any remaining forts, siege engines and navy on that territory. Therefore it can become very strategic to use certain battle types to achieve profitable victory.

This Scenario introduces a new action - Annex Neutral Territory. You can annex adjacent neutral territories for a price. The price is the cost of the troops, plus any proportionate zone bonuses the territory is part of, multiplied by 150%. If you are flush with gold, it may be a better option to bribe (annex) neutral territories to increase your empires standing rather than kill their troops.

All the empires in the Scenario are based on empires that existed around 950-1050AD in the areas of Europe, Eurasia, North Africa and the Middle East. Great care has been taken to get emblems and place names as accurate as possible. A few liberties have been taken with the bounds of historical territories, and some territories border each other despite not having a fixed border between them (for example - Sicily borders Calabria), so keep an eye out for ways to move around the map.

There are 8 factions to play as - Celts, Moors, Vikings, Islam, Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Byzantine Empire, and Turkic Horse Tribes. Games can have 2-8 factions of 1-5 players each. The starting place for each empire and faction is predetermined, and neutral territories are not divided out when the game starts, you need to capture the neutrals. The initial starting troops are equally portioned (each empire starts with about 500 gold worth of troops) and the troops on the neutral territories are portioned according to the strategic value of each territory.

In this Scenario you need to either defeat all of your opponents, or capture 15 major cities and 3 religious sites, and hold those for 3 turns. The list of cities are (religious sites in bold):
    Armenia (Turkic Horse Tribes)
    Cairo (Islam)
    Constantinople (Byzantine Empire)
    Danelaw (Celts)
    Maghreb al-Awsat
    Marca Media
    Novgorod (Eastern Orthodox)
    Papal States (Roman Catholic)
    Svealand (Vikings)
    Tamesna (Moors)
    Upper Burgundy
    Volga Bulgaria

If there are any issues with the accuracy or playability of the map, please post in the forums.

Many thanks to t-o-m for developing the map

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Re: Medieval Europe - Factional Domination released!

Postby FIRE! » Fri Jan 16, 2015 2:35 pm

When you annex a territory does it count as a "move?"

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Re: Medieval Europe - Factional Domination released!

Postby e_i_pi » Fri Jan 16, 2015 8:37 pm

Yes it does, and these sort of things will be more clear next release when I update the game UI

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