Medieval Europe v6 Discussion Thread

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Medieval Europe v6 Discussion Thread

Postby e_i_pi » Sun Sep 02, 2018 11:02 am

Hi all,

I'm going to release a new version of Medieval Europe, primarily to capture the minor change in the Era rules around the Ram the Gates battle option not currently posing a threat to defending cavalry.

Here's the current strengths, according to some scripts I've got that look at win/loss ratios and what's expected given several parameters. There is sometimes a bit of a disparity between faction and empire levels (e.g. Celtic Kingdoms) that comes down to a few factors. So the numbers are rough in places (mostly due to there not being enough people playing as those empires).

I'd like to hear if anyone disagrees or can confirm, and whether they have any suggestions of how to balance it a bit better.

Faction Strengths
Byzantine Church - Slightly underpowered
Celtic Kingdoms - Balanced
Eastern Orthodox Church - Balanced
Islam - Heavily underpowered
Moors - Balanced
Roman Catholic Church - Slightly underpowered
Turkic Horse Tribes - Heavily overpowered
Vikings - Balanced

(=0 = balanced, +n = too strong, -n = too weak, the number after ST/WKis the severity)
Empire Strengths
Byzantine Church
=0 Bulgarian Empire
-1 Byzantine Empire
=0 Byzantine Greece
=0 Kingdom of Croatia
=0 Kingdom of Hungary

Celtic Kingdoms
-1 Duchy of Brittany
=0 High Kingdom of Ireland
=0 Kingdom of Alba
+1 Kingdom of England
-2 Kingdom of Leon

Eastern Orthodox Church
=0 Kievan Rus
=0 Kingdom of Poland
-1 Kingdom of Volga Bulgaria
+2 Old Prussia
-1 Republic of Novgorod

-1 Abbasid Caliphate
-2 Fatimid Caliphate
=0 Fatimid Hejaz
-1 Seljuk Empire
=0 Tulunid Dynasty

+1 Almoravid Caliphate
=0 Caliphate of Cordoba
-2 Emirate of Sardinia and Corsica
=0 Emirate of Sicily
=0 Zenatan Caliphate

Roman Catholic Church
-2 Domaine Royal
=0 Duchy of Aquitaine
+2 Duchy of Burgundy
-1 Holy Roman Empire
=0 States of the Church

Turkic Horse Tribes
=0 Bagratuni Dynasty
+4 Cuman-Kipchak Confederation
=0 Khazar Khaganate
+1 Pecheneg Khaganate
-4 Ziyarid Dynasty

-1 Icelandic Commonwealth
=0 Kingdom of Denmark
=0 Kingdom of Norway
+1 Kingdom of Sweden
=0 Sami People

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