Svaredia Classic and Classic+ Released!

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Svaredia Classic and Classic+ Released!

Postby e_i_pi » Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:40 pm

The Svaredia map, which has been hanging around without a playable scenario for over a year, is finally released with the Classic and Classic+ rules.

There are five playable empires, so games are solo up to 5 players, or 2v2. The empires are:
  • Ælfin - Elves in the north
  • Borodin - Dwarves in the southeast
  • Drakhari - Draconions in the east
  • Kazakh - Orcs in the west
  • Ra-Ako-St - Abominiations in the southwest
Once I get variable troops in, they'll have their own troop icons to reflect the troop types. Right now, they're all just "Armies" with the regular infantry icon.

There are several different win conditions to choose from, and for the first time, you can create a game with random win conditions! At the moment, the random win condition is visible immediately during join up, but I'll be making a change soon so that it is only visible once the game starts, to give it that edge of intrigue when joining the game :)

When playing, it's important to note that you can get minor bonuses for holding a tower and a city in a zone. If you hold a tower and both cities in a zone, there's an additional small bonus. To see these bonuses, click on a tower territory and select the territory information icons (an "i" in a circle)

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