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Medieval Europe

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What is Art of War?

Art of War is a free browser-based multiplayer strategy game in the spirit of popular games like Risk, Axis and Allies, and Diplomacy. You can play online against people from all over the globe, or against your friends and family. If you enjoy playing games like Risk online, then you will love Art of War. Master your strategy in singles games, team games, or in massive multiplayer games. Play on the world map, medieval Europe, or a range of other scenarios where strategy and risk are your key to victory. To play, all you need to do is sign up for a free account, join some games, and then you pit your wits against other players in online games of war and strategy.

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How do I start playing?

First you must create an account on the site, and then you can start playing strategy games for free immediately! Registration is completely free, and with your account you get to play up to 4 games at any time, for free forever. Once you have registered you can also take part in the community forums, request new features, and even make board games yourself by creating your own projects!

Finding and joining a game

There are two ways to find a game to play in. The first is to go to the game page and find a recruiting game that is still taking recruits. Join a game that has few remaining spots available, and the game will start sooner! If there aren't any recruiting games, or there are no games that appeal to you, why not create your own game, and wait for others to join. Once you have found the game you want to play, choose your faciton and empire from the recruitment screen, and you will then join the game, ready to test your strategy and skill against your opponents.

When does the game start?

The game starts once it has filled up with recruits. Smaller games tend to fill up faster, so if you want to try out your strategy against other players sooner, then join games with 2-5 players for a rapid start. Once the game starts you will receive an email stating that the game has commenced, and you will receive an email each time it is your turn telling you that it is time to play.

Playing the game

Playing the game is made easy by the simple point and click interface. The map can be dragged around if it does not fit on your screen. Once you're reayd to take your turn, click the "Start Turn" option from the game menu, and away you go. To make any moves in the game, click on the territory you want to make an action from, then choose your action - Attack, Move Troops, Deploy Troops, or any other of the rich variety of functions available. When you're finished with your turn, click the "End Turn" option from the game menu, and the next player can start their turn. Once you've eliminated all your opponents, you win the game, but watch out - your opponents are trying to win too, and they'll stop at nothing to win!

Design you own games from scratch with our board game project interface. Customise icons, battle types, maps and rules as you develop your own game to play against family and friends online. Not an artist? No problems! You can use published work from other designers to fill in the parts that you need, to make a complete online board game to your own specifications! If you're interested in building games to play with others from around the globe, sign up to our community forums and the admin will guide you through the project creation process.

Playing online games of risk is as simple as signing up for an account, going to the games page and joining a recruiting game. You can play up to 4 free multiplayer strategy games at a time, and enjoy beautiful maps from around the globe, with a rich variance in game play. The game rules have a variety of customisable options, turning the game experience into a lot more than the usual risk free online game. Browse games right now to see what's on offer! Can't find a game that suits your play style? Why not create a game yourself from one of the predefined scenarios and wait for others to join!

When you register an account you get access not only to free online games, but also to our community forums. Discuss tactics, strategy and game plans with other players from all over the world. Climb up the scoreboard as you defeat your opponents. Feel free to suggest any enhancements to the game, and the admin will get cracking on implementing the new features. The forums are a place for everyone to enjoy free discussion of Art of War, strategy games and board games in general.

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